Congratulations, you decided to buck the trend, be your own boss and live your own success story! You joined the community of startup entrepreneurs! Investeur is here to help startup entrepreneurs grow their ideas fast and sustainably. On our platforms, you can determine the best bank account for your business, search for service providers to hire or just read up on developments in the startup world. Once your company is gaining traction we will also find startup entrepreneurs the funding they need to get to the next level and you will have your Investeur track record to proof why investors should invest!



#thestartupbuddy for startup entrepreneurs The startup buddy is the startup entrepreneurs’ one-stop, personalised startup building tool. Based on best practices like The Lean Startup and The Startup Manual we have developed a web-based app that is free to use. Some of the features:

  • Knowledge resources: Find what is what in the startup world and why it is relevant for startup entrepreneurs
  • Service resources: Any startup entrepreneur needs outside resources like developers, marketers or legal advisors. Working on a mission you need help with? We link you up!
  • Dashboard: Overview of what you have been doing and still need to finish
  • Missions: These are best practise tasks that you can order and execute when and how fits best for your startup
  • Funding score: How likely are you to find funding at this moment
  • Bank account optimizer: Set your preferences and get advice on the best business account for your company

And much more to come!


Great entrepreneurs are jacks of many traits. But even the best can’t-do everything by themselves so you will need to hire service providers, buy products and recruit. The Investeur startup market gives you one portal where you can find all types of service providers that you might need in your success story!



Startup entrepreneurs need funding. Try the Egg Check!You build your startup for some time and made good progress. But then you start wondering “Is my start-up investor ready?”, “Which VC will be interested in what we do?”, “I think I am on the right track, but am I?”, “And how do I get in touch with them?”.

What if you could leverage on over 8 years of experience from the start-up funding analysts in the Netherlands, Golden Egg Check?

  • 5,000 users (start-ups, investors, and business developers)
  • Assessed over 800 start-ups directly
  • Raised over ~ S$18M in 2015 alone

And much, much more: Now you can, lah! The new Investeur community enables you to:

  • Build your perfect pitch
  • Check if you covered all topics
  • Get your team or mentors to give feedback and improve

Optionally you can get your proposition:

  • Checked by professional funding analysts
  • Fully assessed on the most important criteria of VCs
  • Get concrete feedback (quick wins and strategic advice) to improve your potential, feasibility and investor readiness
  • Practice your VC narrative without the risk of losing their interest
  • Matched to the investors you like to do business with and get in touch with them

To access, signup on Startup Buddy and while completing your startup missions simply visit the Startup Market Place  to get started.

Do you like to know more about the other options? Get in touch through the contact button or email us at [email protected]

Happy funding #YourSuccessStory!