Investors & Startup Funding

Investeur is Singapore’s founder friendly startup builder that guides entrepreneurs from idea to startup funding, helping them find Investors in Singapore. Investeur provides the startup community with, our virtual startup builder, and the startup market that connects entrepreneurs to service providers for work they cannot do themselves

For Investors in Singapore Investeur has partnered with Golden Egg Check and set up an online investor community in Singapore. Any startup can make a pitch in our community. Golden Egg Check has developed the platform over 8 years in The Netherlands and helped 800 startups get funded.

A selection of the pitches is assessed by Investeur or Golden Egg Check and scored based on factors we know are relevant for 99% of (professional)investors in Singapore. This helps you find relevant startups at the right moment and to support your investment decision better. These pitches can be recognized by the “GEC Check Score”.

Signing up as an investor in Singapore is free and will enable you to find investment opportunities based on your investment profile. Please do email at [email protected] or call +6587421393 for any feedback or enquiries you might have.*

Current Investeur investment opportunities

*Investeur is not a financial advisor. We recommend you discuss with your licensed financial advisor if investing in our type of startups is suitable for you. Investeur does check the investment opportunities made available in our investor community. We don’t do a full due diligence on the investment opportunities. Checking the accuracy of the company data provided is the responsibility of investors themselves.

*Users making their pitch on our platform are fully responsible for the facts and data provided. Misrepresentation of a startup resulting from wrongly provided facts and data to Investeur is users/companies responsibility. Investeur will not cooperate in improving facts or data to increase the chances of finding funding for a startup.