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Investeur is Singapore’s founder friendly startup builder that guides entrepreneurs from idea to startup funding. Investeur provides the startup community with, our virtual startup builder, and the startup market that connects entrepreneurs to service providers for work they cannot do themselves

For Investors in Singapore Investeur has partnered with Golden Egg Check and set up an online investor community in Singapore. Any startup can make a pitch in our community. Golden Egg Check has developed the platform over 8 years in The Netherlands and helped 800 startups get funded.

A selection of the pitches is assessed by Investeur or Golden Egg Check and scored based on factors we know are relevant for 99% of (professional)investors in Singapore. This helps you find relevant startups at the right moment and to support your investment decision better. These pitches can be recognized by the “GEC Check Score”.

Signing up as an investor in Singapore is free and will enable you to find investment opportunities based on your investment profile. Please do email at or call +6587421393 for any feedback or enquiries you might have.*

Current Investeur investment opportunities

Hawker food delivery service

Singapore’s favorite hawker food delivery service

Singapore’s largest hawker food delivery service in terms of revenue, meals and hawkers stalls to order from is raising to expand delivery islandwide. This company has built a proven revenue and high margin generating model that is expandable to other large cities across South East Asia. This startup has shown to learn from its partners and customers and to translate that into even larger growth.

  • Raising Series A of S$800K
  • Strong strategic partnerships DBS, Grab, Kopitiam, JTC, Ascendas, CapitaLand and more
  • Personal relationships with hawker stall owners
  • Current revenue S$80.000 per month and growing fast
  • Expected profitable by 2019

Connecting talents in Asia

Connecting talents in Asia

Founder Sylvester’s career in the media & entertainment space began in 2008 as an actor, writer, director and producer. He started and operated his own theatre company for 5 years now followed by building a “LinkedIn” for talents. He and his team have now built an app that allows talents to upload their skills through video, viewers to search and watch quality edu-tainment and event planners or producers to look for talent easily.

  • Raised a seed round with Mediacorp in 2016
  • Currently raising Series A of S$ 1.5M
  • S$ 200K committed
  • Very experienced founder and team
  • Platform ready for growth.

Branded and licensed digital insurance platform

Branded and licensed digital insurance platform

The management team embodies 30 years of financial industry knowledge collected across the globe and noticed that ASEAN insurance distribution is still traditional while having been disrupted in the US, Europe and China. Their licensed platform brings Western best practice to Asia and allows both traditional distributors and the more technology driven ones automated access to a wide range of products from a wide range of insurers, creating immediate straight through process capability for all players, powering their own B2C channel as well.

  • Very experienced team
  • Robust, flexible and tested platform
  • Currently raising $2M
  • Ready for growth and profitability

All-in-one Employee Relations Platform

All-in-one Employee Relations Platform

Serial entrepreneur Rajesh and his team build a SaaS employee first platform based on 20 years of experience in HR needs for SMEs and their employees. SMEs get a very affordable system that combines the necessary functions like payroll and compliance with employee training, engagement and retention. Employees use it for career development, insurance and many other benefits to improve their careers and private lives.

  • Raising Series A of $800K
  • Funds to be used to speed up growth
  • Very experienced founder and team
  • Platform successfully tested at SME with 70 users
  • Access to large partner and customer network
  • Booming industry space

*Investeur is not a financial advisor. We recommend you discuss with your licensed financial advisor if investing in our type of startups is suitable for you. Investeur does check the investment opportunities made available in our investor community. We don’t do a full due diligence on the investment opportunities. Checking the accuracy of the company data provided is the responsibility of investors  in Singapore themselves.