Investeur Service Providers

Great entrepreneurs are jacks of many traits. But even the best can’t-do everything by themselves so they will need to hire service providers, buy products and recruit. The Startup Market lets you find your first new customers so both you and they can realize your success stories!

  • Sign up an account using your email address, Facebook or LinkedIn
  • Click “My Companies”
  • Add more listings under “Actions” → “Services”

Some of the benefits of the benefits in listing on The Startup Market are:

  • Startup Buddy users see and buy services from the same screen where they work on their missions
  • More users so more exposure
  • You can create multiple companies and services under one account
  • Custom fields to add specifics to your listing

The conditions for listing are:

  • Fixed price listings only. Our users prefer packages with clear descriptions and transparent pricing.
  • ​​Only paid listings can stay in the Startup Market except if the product service itself is free. Listings without a purchase option will be removed.
  • Listing fee 15% including payment processing fees. Terms and conditions apply.

So start selling and list HERE