Frequently Asked Questions!


Entrepreneurs !

How can Startup Buddy help my start-up company? +The Startup Buddy Singapore's founder friendly startup builder guides entrepreneurs from idea to funding. Combining the principles of The Lean Startup and every day founder issues The Startup Buddy teaches, plans and keeps track of your startup progress. Free, flexible and all-in-one.

- Startup missions: Building your company has a million steps. The Startup Buddy breaks your journey up into manageable missions. So you can focus and do the right things at the right time.
- Learning: You will learn more building your company than ever before. Startup missions are explained and link to other relevant knowledge sources and tools. So you can find them easily whenever relevant.
- Help: By yourself you are an entrepreneur, not a company. Missions connect you to service providers and tools when you cannot complete them yourself. Find a UX designer, lawyer or corporate secretary that suits you.
- Your startup dashboard: Check your progress, next missions and current fundability all on one overview.
- Bank account optimizer: In 2 minutes you if you are using the most suitable corporate account for your startup needs
- Fundability score: In 5 minutes you can check your startups' eligibility for grants, loans or equity.
How is my company’s value determined? +
    Why should I trust Investeur? +
      Investeur is an independent company that works in the best interest of the entepreneur. Our strategies are based on the needs and perspectives of startup businesses. Through collaboration with companies like the Golden Egg Check, we have amassed over ten years of experience that we use to help startups like you.
      How long will it take for me to hear from investors? +
        The time taken for you to hear from investors will depend on the stage your business is in. If you've just started your business, it could take upwards of six months to obtain funds. If your business is already in a good position to expand, you could be matched with suitable investors in weeks.
        Who can I approach when I need help? +
          Investeur is here to help you. If you need advice, guidance or just help in solving a problem, feel free to contact our experienced staff through Investeur's chat option.
          How can I increase my chance of getting investments? +
            The Startup Buddy is the best tool you can use to put your business in the best position to obtain funds. Assess your business' fundability and make use of the applications provided. Once you completed all your missions, build your pitch in the Golden Egg Check / Investeur community and ask for an assessment (
            What are the fees for using Start-up Buddy? +
              The Startup Buddy is completely free to use.
              Who are the investors?+
                Investeur has contacts with numerous investors, most of whom are professional venture capitalists. However, if none of these investors are suitable for your business, we will help you find the best investor based on your needs.
                What is the relationship between Investeur and Goldeneggcheck? +
                  The Golden Egg Check is one of the few funding analysis companies in the world. We have established an exclusive partnership for Singapore with the Golden Egg Check's experienced team. By using the Golden Egg Check for your Singapore-based startup, you get access to Golden Egg Check's resources as well as complete support from Investeur.
                  Why should I use the Startup market? +
                    The Startup market gives you access to an array of products, services and investors. You can easily compare offerings to find the provider that fits you best.
                    ​When Investeur finds investors to pitch to, will this be done online or via personal pitches? +
                      That totally depends. If possible a personal pitch always has preference. In the early stage it however doesn't make much sense to fly around the world, so then online pitching is a solution.
                      If my business is fundable according to the Investeur assessment, are the funds to be raised via VC's in Singapore only or those overseas as well? +
                        ​The Investeur database and network consists mainly of Singaporean investors. Our Dutch partner (Golden Egg Check) has a database of Dutch VC's which is connected to ours. Based on your companies specific needs we can see how viable it is to search in other countries. We do recommend only to go overseas for strategic or content reasons. Purely for funding it is not that usefull to search in other territories as where you do business and it will make negotiations and everything else afterwards more complicated.​
                        How do I make sure to keep my confidential creative materials confidential when I am looking for investors? +
                          When you put together your pitch make sure you don't include confidential information you are not willing to share without an NDA. Having said that, it is not very usefull to keep your concept or idea to yourself. Typically you will get valuable feedback from pitching and typically your idea will not be as unique as you might think. Just keep to yourself what is objectively sensitive and keep that for the negotiation stage.
                          When I upload my pitch will Investeur do the final touches to ensure that it is very professional and up to VCs’ expectations?+
                            Investeur / GEC will touch it up together with you, the entrepreneur. You, the entrepreneur remains the owner of the business and therefore the pitch, but we help you make it as investor bullit proof as we can.
                            ​In terms of numbers, how many parties will the pitch via Golden Egg Check / Investeur be made available to? +
                              Ideally as many as possible that are a good match for your startup business. When searching for funding your conditions and negotiating options will improve dramatically if you have multiple options. Having said that, you, the entrepreneur decides whom you like your pitch to be available to. If for confidentiality reasones you don't want to share it with investors that already fund a competitor, we will close of your pitch to those parties.


                              Investors !

                              How can I reduce risk through using Investeur? +
                                GEC/Investeur has already analyzed the fundablity and growth potential of all its member startup businesses. Using these data, Investeur can find you businesses that have a good chance of yielding high returns.
                                How will I be matched with suitable startups? +
                                  You will be matched with suitable startups based on the on the information you provide in your Golden Egg Check profile. Investeur compares your requirments with the data from our member startups to give you the best matches.
                                  What additional services are available? +
                                    You can purchase the Golden Egg Check software through Investeur to enjoy Investeur Startup Market Place to enjoy full support from our company.


                                    Product and Service Providers!

                                    What are the fees for using this platform? How do I make a listing? + Please check How It Works.
                                    What listing type should I choose? +
                                      There are four listing types: provider, service, product and event. Provider listings do not allow users to purchase goods and services advertised. Service listing allow hourly bookings while product listings allow one-time purchases. Use event listings for conferences, meetings and other relevant events.
                                      Why should I use the Startup market? +
                                        By listing your products or services on the Startup Market, you gain exposure to startups throughout Singapore. The Startup Market is your chance to gain new customers and make your brand known.
                                        Do I need to create another account if I already have one for Startup Buddy? +
                                          Yes. The Startup Market and Startup Buddy are not connected and you will need two separate accounts.