Online Presence Essentials

Digital Marketing

An online presence is crucial to the success of all new startup companies. Even if your startup isn’t remotely related to technology, you’re sure to reap untold benefits from establishing a place in the online world. While creating an online presence, as any entrepreneur knows, is harder than it sounds, it has nevertheless become an essential component of businesses in the modern world. So, what steps should you take to give your startup an online presence?

The first step any business should take is setting up your startup company website. Even if you don’t know any programming languages, you can use a website builder like WordPress, Sharetribe or Weebly to design a unique website that suits your startup’s needs.

After setting up your website, you’ll need to ensure that both potential and existing customers will find your website when they surf the net. This requires some search engine optimization (SEO), which is instrumental in getting your website to the top of search results. Keep in mind that SEO is a long-term investment. As a startup, your best approach is to take your time, add quality content regularly to your website, and keep in mind the keywords and other elements that contribute to optimizing your website.

The importance of a social media presence also cannot be understated. Set up accounts on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to stay in touch with both existing and potential customers. Depending on your industry one platform is probably more useful than the other. This you will need to try out and improve on.

An online presence can dramatically improve your startup’s image and reputation. Consumers will have greater trust in your startup if it has a website with high-quality content and is active in relevant social media circles. Being able to show a history of your companies’ existence through your posts will also, later on, help you in finding funding from investors. Get started on creating your online presence and once you’re done, be sure to report your completed mission on Investeur’s Startup Buddy.

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