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We know what it’s like. You’ve got a great idea and have taken the leap and started your  business. But somewhere along the way, you encounter a roadblock that hinders your journey to success. Read more

Financial Product Definitions

Grants, simply put, are funds provided by governments. They usually do not have to be repaid but generally come with “strings attached,” and must often be used for a specific project or purpose. There are a range of government grants available to startup businesses. Mostly they are now distributed via Startup SG, so check out if you are eligible.Read more

How To Register Your New Business

What business structure is most suitable for your startup. But regardless of whether you set up as a sole proprietorship or company, you’ll have to get the business registration with Singapore’s Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).Read more

Stages of Venture Capital Funding

Stages of Venture Capital Funding

As entrepreneurs we always have money on our mind. Money to keep our business growing and afloat. Each company has its own needs from investment. Some are at the very beginning and need mentorship from their investors while others are in the process of scaling and need vast amounts of cash with minimal involvement. Which investor suits you largely depends on the stage of your business. Finding the right investor can be simplified by understanding the stages of venture capital funding. Ever wondered what “seed round” and “Series A” means? Read more

How Does Venture Capital Work

At some point you startup will need to scale and you will need funding for your business. In researching possible sources, you may have come across venture capital. But what is venture capital? Read more

The Business Idea

The business idea is what gives you—the entrepreneur—drive to start up a business, and is the foundation from which your business will grow and develop. It’s also what compels financiers to invest in startups that don’t have much yet to show for.Read more

Online Presence Essentials

Digital Marketing

Having an online presence has changed from being an optional to an essential for every entrepreneur. An online presence is a means to sell your idea to your potential investors, potential employees and most importantly, to attract customers. However, it can be quite overwhelming if not done right. Here are the easiest tools to get you started: Read more