About Us

Our Mission

The Startup Buddy wants to provide all Startups essential support they need, whenever they need it while providing Investors with quality investment opportunities

About The Startup Buddy Platform

The Startup Buddy is a completely online accelerator that provides startup founders and their teams with curated content, guidance on building a pitch deck and toolkits to guide them through their startup journey. These toolkits include Mentors, a Value Proposition Canvas builder and much more with the added ability to collaborate with team members. 

About Investeur – Golden Egg Check Platform

Our fundraising platform allows Startups to match with Investors from around the world. The platform is in partnership with Golden Egg Check, the leading startup funding analysis company in The Netherlands. 

How Investeur was born

Robin Teurlings started Investeur after winning third price with his pitch at Startup Weekend Singapore and registered Teur Pte Ltd August 2016. During Investeurs’ entrepreneurial journey we discovered that progressing and funding are two large and interlinked challenges for many entrepreneurs that needed improving. Thus we set out to find a solution to make that easier for Startups.


Robin, a Dutch native, came to Singapore to start his entrepreneurial career. He left his long-held job at ING bank wanting to make a big impact in the Southeast Asia market. He was joined by Denny Huang, the CTO and founder of 2 successful POS companies. Along with Dr Sharvari Sathe (COO), Merryl Jacob (Product Manager) and Phil Chua (Marketing Manager), The Startup Buddy is a lean and mean team of 5.