About Us

Our Mission

To grow startups from their ideation stage by providing all the resources needed, like a traditional accelerator would, in a scalable way. This is done through our platform The Startup Buddy. By tracking a startup’s progress using our platform, we want to ease a startup’s fundraising endeavours. Find out more about how we do that here!¬†

How Investeur was born

Robin Teurlings started Investeur after winning third price with his pitch at Startup Weekend Singapore and registered¬†Teur Pte Ltd August 2016. During Investeurs’ entrepreneurial journey we discovered that progressing and funding are two large and interlinked challenges for many entrepreneurs that needed improving. Thus we set out to find a solution to make that easier for Startups.


Robin, a Dutch native, came to Singapore to start his entrepreneurial career. He left his long-held job at ING bank knowing he can make a bigger impact starting something out in Asia. At the moment of writing, he was joined by Irvin Teo who is also director, Denny Huang as our senior developer and Desmond Ho our super intern turned colleague.