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What We Offer


Build and upload your pitch deck on Golden Egg Check and stay connected to over 200 investors around the region.
6% success fee from amount raised using Golden Egg Check


We help you build your pitch deck while actively pitching your company to matched investors.
1-4.5% success fee from amount raised

BASIC ($250)

In-person pitch analysis and advice on what investors want from your company before investing.
1-5% success fee from amount raised

Our Process

1) Complete our form and tell us all about your company

(Feel free to brag and make sure to tell us what plan you would like to go for!)

2) We will contact selected applicants with a tailored offer

3) Confirm the offer and transfer the applicable funds

4) We get started on raising funds for your Startup

Other Services

Design & Layout of your Pitch Deck


Personalised Flyers to be distributed at events


Fundraising Contracts & Legal Help

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